• Skydale

    Skydale is a development title for the new Next Level social game, which aims at casual and mid-core audience, introducing RPG elements to classical develop-your-own-world gameplay. This project best of all could be described as The Sims meets Minecraft in a fantastic otherworldly planet with flying islands.

    The game features:
    • Building your own ideal flying island
    • Developing character’s skills
    • Elaborate crafting system
    • Exploration of a beautiful and strange world

  • The Siege

    The Siege is a strategic collectible card game set in the colorful and crazy world of Circus Empire. The player develops his castle defences and offensive deck with spells and creatures. The gameplay is asynchronous battles against player’s friends and ladder competitors.

    Main features:
    • Development of offensive deck and kingdom defences
    • 3 playable and mixable races
    • Turn-based strategic fast paced combat
    • Competition for higher position in ladders

  • Magic Match

    Magic Match is the working title of a new and exciting match-3 game. In the game, the player becomes a wizard’s apprentice who is on a mission to free the lands from the grasp of evil magical forces. Magic Match offers two game modes - journey mode and duel mode in which the player can challenge others to demonstrate their skills in the duel arena. The game is also enhanced by detailed character customization, an innovative potion crafting system as well as a wide selection of boosts.

    Main features:
    • Dynamic gameplay
    • Crafting system
    • Competitive duel mode
    • Character customization

  • Oceania

    Oceania is a casual social game about exploring an uninhabited island, finding means to survive and gradually developing the territory into your own tropical paradise.

    The game is free-to-play with premium content and extra energy purchases. Oceania has been regularly updated for more than 3 years, so it is extremely rich in content and has broken all records as the highest grossing social game in Latvia.

    The content includes such activities as:
    • Exploring new territories
    • Sailing to different islands
    • Building
    • Taking care of animals
    • Growing crops

  • Fikss

    Fikss is a match-three genre game in which you have to earn as many points as possible in 60 seconds. To make the playing process more dynamic, various bonuses can be obtained before as well as during the game. The game is very competitive, as players attempt to secure higher positions in the daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.

    The game includes such features as:
    • Dueling mode
    • Special magical powers
    • Treasury room with achievements and trophies

  • Tower Clash

    Tower Clash is an original competitive game that combines the popular genre of tower defence with player vs player card drafting game. You can challenge your friends and other players to earn various achievements, gold, experience and improve your kingdom.

    The process of the game consists of three rounds. In preparation for each round, you draft your towers and choose what monsters will come and attack you and your opponents. During the actual battle, you can activate special powers and try to defeat as many monsters as possible.

    Main features:
    • 2-6 player PvP competition
    • VIP account subscription
    • Kingdom upgrades and achievements

  • Zibitis

    Zibitis is a free-to-play jigsaw puzzle game with over 700 different high quality pictures. Players can enjoy solving puzzles in three different game modes.

    • In Campaign mode, the player is invited to become a detective and help various fairytale creatures.
    • Cooperative mode offers a unique multiplayer puzzle-solving experience, as 3 players work together to reach a higher result.
    • Daily Challenge mode the players can compete with their friends by setting high-scores that determine their position in the weekly top.

  • Bongo

    Bongo is a fast-paced jungle-themed bubble shooter game. The objective of the game is to destroy as many bubbles as possible within 60 seconds. To make the game more interesting, the player can select a limited number of boosts and superpowers that will help them to reach a higher score.

    The player can compete with his or her friends by setting a high-score to enter the daily top. The player can also view the weekly and monthly tops as well as the global top in which one can see his position among all Bongo players. Apart from the competitive features, players can also earn and upgrade achievements and trophies that can be viewed in the player’s profile.

    • Daily high-score leaderboards
    • Colorful visuals
    • Fast and responsive gameplay

  • Magic Garden

    Magic Garden is an exciting strategic game in which the player can discover the world’s most unusual magical creatures. The task is simple - to move and unite elements to acquire more powerful magical creatures. Gaining a more powerful creature gives 2x more points than the previous one. The goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible. The game ends when all squares are full and the player has no more moves available.

    To make the game more interesting, the player can use superpowers - Time-turner, Portal, Oracle and Conjurer. In the Trophy room, one can view all magical creatures that one has met in the magic garden. The players can compare their and their friends’ scores in the Daily and All-time Best tops.

    • Strategic game
    • Magical creatures with elaborate background stories
    • Competing with friends

  • Forester

    Forester is an educational game about a 7 year cycle of forestry. The game features unique gameplay mechanics for each year. The players have to play strategically, balancing ecology, wealth and happiness of local people, to achieve the best score at the end of the game and compete for a place in high-score table.

    In the game you can:
    • Plan forest plots
    • Manage harvesting of timber
    • Plant new forests
    • Learn to take care of pollution

  • O Find Similar

    O Find the Similar is an educational drag-and-match elements genre game which teaches children fractions. The game was developed in cooperation with O Smart Games with an aim to create a set of educational games to improve learning processes of school children.

    • Multiplatform (Web, Android, iOS)
    • Educational product for 6-16 year age group
    • Gradually increasing complexity of ideas

  • O Master of Numbers

    O Master of Numbers is a sequel to O Find Similars. It is an educational drag-and-match elements genre game which teaches children fractions. The game was developed in cooperation with O Smart Games with an aim to create a set of educational games to improve learning processes of school children.

    • Multiplatform (Web, Android, iOS)
    • Educational product for 6-16 year age group
    • Gradually increasing complexity of ideas

  • Neverending Forest

    Neverending Forest is an educational application about nature. It aims at informing pre-school and primary school children about the dangers of forest pollution. It tells the players about the beauty of nature as well as the valuable resources that forests can provide.

    The application contains four games:
    • Find the odd one out!
    • Find a match!
    • Is this correct?
    • Clean the forest!

  • Ciemos

    Ciemos is an educational city-building game. The player is the mayor of a new city. The main objective is to develop the city and increase its reputation. The player can create residential areas that provide the city with funds. The money can then be used to place various buildings that serve as a source of reputation points. Before placing or upgrading a building, the player must read informative dialogues and correctly answer questions about smartphones and their functions.

    This game offers:
    • City building and development
    • Educational content